Man Utd v Fulham Head to Head Record

Man Utd v Fulham Result History

Sat 24th Feb 2024Premier LeagueMan Utd - Fulham
Sat 4th Nov 2023Premier LeagueFulham0 - 1Man Utd
Sun 28th May 2023Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 1Fulham
Sun 19th Mar 2023FA CupMan Utd 3 - 1Fulham
Sun 13th Nov 2022Fulham1 - 2Man Utd
Tue 18th May 2021Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 1Fulham
Wed 20th Jan 2021Premier LeagueFulham1 - 2Man Utd
Sat 9th Feb 2019Premier LeagueFulham0 - 3Man Utd
Sat 8th Dec 2018Premier LeagueMan Utd 4 - 1Fulham
Sun 9th Feb 2014Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 2Fulham
Sat 2nd Nov 2013Premier LeagueFulham1 - 3Man Utd
Sat 2nd Feb 2013Premier LeagueFulham0 - 1Man Utd
Sat 26th Jan 2013FA CupMan Utd 4 - 1Fulham
Sat 25th Aug 2012Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 2Fulham
Mon 26th Mar 2012Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 0Fulham
Wed 21st Dec 2011Premier LeagueFulham0 - 5Man Utd
Sat 9th Apr 2011Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 0Fulham
Sun 22nd Aug 2010Premier LeagueFulham2 - 2Man Utd
Sun 14th Mar 2010Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 0Fulham
Sat 19th Dec 2009Premier LeagueFulham3 - 0Man Utd
Sat 21st Mar 2009Premier LeagueFulham2 - 0Man Utd
Sat 7th Mar 2009FA CupFulham0 - 4Man Utd
Wed 18th Feb 2009Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 0Fulham
Sat 1st Mar 2008Premier LeagueFulham0 - 3Man Utd
Mon 3rd Dec 2007Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 0Fulham
Sat 24th Feb 2007Premier LeagueFulham1 - 2Man Utd
Sun 20th Aug 2006Premier LeagueMan Utd 5 - 1Fulham
Sat 4th Feb 2006Premier LeagueMan Utd 4 - 2Fulham
Sat 1st Oct 2005Premier LeagueFulham2 - 3Man Utd
Sat 19th Mar 2005Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 0Fulham
Mon 13th Dec 2004Premier LeagueFulham1 - 1Man Utd
Sat 6th Mar 2004FA CupMan Utd 2 - 1Fulham
Sat 28th Feb 2004Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 1Fulham
Sat 25th Oct 2003Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 3Fulham
Sat 22nd Mar 2003Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 0Fulham
Sat 19th Oct 2002Premier LeagueFulham1 - 1Man Utd
Sun 30th Dec 2001Premier LeagueFulham2 - 3Man Utd
Sun 19th Aug 2001Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 2Fulham
Sun 7th Jan 2001FA CupFulham1 - 2Man Utd
Sun 14th Feb 1999FA CupMan Utd 1 - 0Fulham

How Many Times Have Man Utd Played Fulham?

Since the 1992/1993 season, Man Utd have played Fulham 40 times. In that time Man Utd have beaten Fulham 30 times whilst losing 3 games.

How Many Goals Have Man Utd Scored Against Fulham?

Since the 1992/1993 season, Man Utd have scored 89 goals against Fulham and conceded 37 goals.