Man Utd v Newcastle Head to Head Record

Man Utd v Newcastle Result History

Sat 20th Apr 2024Premier LeagueMan Utd - Newcastle
Sat 2nd Dec 2023Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 0Man Utd
Tue 31st Oct 2023League CupMan Utd 0 - 3Newcastle
Sun 2nd Apr 2023Premier LeagueNewcastle2 - 0Man Utd
Sun 26th Feb 2023League CupNewcastle0 - 2Man Utd
Sun 16th Oct 2022Man Utd 0 - 0Newcastle
Sat 27th Nov 2021Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 1Man Utd
Sat 11th Sep 2021Premier LeagueMan Utd 4 - 1Newcastle
Sun 21st Feb 2021Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 1Newcastle
Sat 17th Oct 2020Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 4Man Utd
Thu 26th Dec 2019Premier LeagueMan Utd 4 - 1Newcastle
Sun 6th Oct 2019Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 0Man Utd
Wed 2nd Jan 2019Premier LeagueNewcastle0 - 2Man Utd
Sat 6th Oct 2018Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 2Newcastle
Sun 11th Feb 2018Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 0Man Utd
Wed 18th Oct 2017Premier LeagueMan Utd 4 - 1Newcastle
Tue 12th Jan 2016Premier LeagueNewcastle3 - 3Man Utd
Sat 22nd Aug 2015Premier LeagueMan Utd 0 - 0Newcastle
Wed 4th Mar 2015Premier LeagueNewcastle0 - 1Man Utd
Fri 26th Dec 2014Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 1Newcastle
Sat 5th Apr 2014Premier LeagueNewcastle0 - 4Man Utd
Sat 7th Dec 2013Premier LeagueMan Utd 0 - 1Newcastle
Wed 26th Dec 2012Premier LeagueMan Utd 4 - 3Newcastle
Sun 7th Oct 2012Premier LeagueNewcastle0 - 3Man Utd
Wed 26th Sep 2012League CupMan Utd 2 - 1Newcastle
Wed 4th Jan 2012Premier LeagueNewcastle3 - 0Man Utd
Sat 26th Nov 2011Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 1Newcastle
Tue 19th Apr 2011Premier LeagueNewcastle0 - 0Man Utd
Mon 16th Aug 2010Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 0Newcastle
Wed 4th Mar 2009Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 2Man Utd
Sun 17th Aug 2008Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 1Newcastle
Sat 23rd Feb 2008Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 5Man Utd
Sat 12th Jan 2008Premier LeagueMan Utd 6 - 0Newcastle
Mon 1st Jan 2007Premier LeagueNewcastle2 - 2Man Utd
Sun 1st Oct 2006Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 0Newcastle
Sun 12th Mar 2006Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 0Newcastle
Sun 28th Aug 2005Premier LeagueNewcastle0 - 2Man Utd
Sun 24th Apr 2005Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 1Newcastle
Sun 17th Apr 2005FA CupNewcastle1 - 4Man Utd
Sun 14th Nov 2004Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 3Man Utd
Sun 11th Jan 2004Premier LeagueMan Utd 0 - 0Newcastle
Sat 23rd Aug 2003Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 2Man Utd
Sat 12th Apr 2003Premier LeagueNewcastle2 - 6Man Utd
Sat 23rd Nov 2002Premier LeagueMan Utd 5 - 3Newcastle
Wed 2nd Jan 2002Premier LeagueMan Utd 3 - 1Newcastle
Sat 15th Sep 2001Premier LeagueNewcastle4 - 3Man Utd
Sat 30th Dec 2000Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 1Man Utd
Sun 20th Aug 2000Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 0Newcastle
Sat 12th Feb 2000Premier LeagueNewcastle3 - 0Man Utd
Mon 30th Aug 1999Premier LeagueMan Utd 5 - 1Newcastle
Sat 22nd May 1999FA CupNewcastle0 - 2Man Utd
Sat 13th Mar 1999Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 2Man Utd
Sun 8th Nov 1998Premier LeagueMan Utd 0 - 0Newcastle
Sat 18th Apr 1998Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 1Newcastle
Sun 21st Dec 1997Premier LeagueNewcastle0 - 1Man Utd
Thu 8th May 1997Premier LeagueMan Utd 0 - 0Newcastle
Sun 20th Oct 1996Premier LeagueNewcastle5 - 0Man Utd
Sun 11th Aug 1996Community ShieldNewcastle0 - 4Man Utd
Mon 4th Mar 1996Premier LeagueNewcastle0 - 1Man Utd
Wed 27th Dec 1995Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 0Newcastle
Sun 15th Jan 1995Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 1Man Utd
Sat 29th Oct 1994Premier LeagueMan Utd 2 - 0Newcastle
Wed 26th Oct 1994League CupNewcastle2 - 0Man Utd
Sat 11th Dec 1993Premier LeagueNewcastle1 - 1Man Utd
Sat 21st Aug 1993Premier LeagueMan Utd 1 - 1Newcastle

How Many Times Have Man Utd Played Newcastle?

Since the 1992/1993 season, Man Utd have played Newcastle 65 times. In that time Man Utd have beaten Newcastle 37 times whilst losing 11 games.

How Many Goals Have Man Utd Scored Against Newcastle?

Since the 1992/1993 season, Man Utd have scored 127 goals against Newcastle and conceded 65 goals.